I have moved!

Well, I haven’t, but my words and pictures have.

Since Randy, Roxy, Otis and I are getting equipped for our adventure of a lifetime, it seemed only fitting to bring those plans and excitement to a brand-new domain name:

My hope is to move these posts to adventure-hounds, but who knows when that’ll happen?

We have adventures to go on, sites to see and fun to have.

New Signature

And We’re Home


On New Year’s Day, the McDaniel adventure to Hot Springs came to an end.  Unfortunately, we had to pack up our new home and head for home.  Randy and I actually talked about staying a couple more days, but eventually we would have to leave.   We took the motorhome by the horns and did it.

I had forgotten how most everything in a motorhome can rattle around.  Despite all efforts to secure our belongings, rattling just can’t be avoided.

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Things Are Gonna Change


It has been a busy, hectic and exciting few days for the McDaniel family.  This is the first morning that all of us, after a nice long walk, have settled into what will be our new routine.  Roxy and Otis are napping on the unmade bed.  Randy and I are drinking our morning caffeine while perusing our favorite web pages.

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